Avengers Endgame (2019)

Action, Adventure, Sci-fi | 181 min


  • Release Date: 26 Apr, 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
  • Language: English


Avengers: Endgame is a action adventure sci-fi superhero film based on the Marvel Comics. You may interested in Avengers Endgame full movie download movie links.

Avengers Endgame Plot

After Thanos, an intergalactic warlord, destroys half of the universe, the Avengers must reassemble and re-energise their defeated allies in order to restore balance.

The Avengers and their allies attempt to undo Thanos’ destruction in Infinity War in this film.

Avengers Endgame Narrative

Carol Danvers rescues Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space twenty-three days after Thanos killed half of all life in the universe, and they reunite with the remaining Avengers—Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and James Rhodes—and Rocket on Earth. They plan to use the Infinity Stones to reverse Thanos’ actions after finding him on an uninhabited planet, but Thanos has already destroyed them to prevent further use.

Scott Lang escapes the Quantum Realm five years later, in 2023. When he arrives at the Avengers Compound, he explains that he was trapped for only five hours. They ask Stark to assist them in retrieving the Stones from the past in order to reverse Thanos’ actions in the present, believing that the Quantum Realm allows time travel.

Banner observes that changing the past has no effect on the present; any changes result in alternate realities. Banner and Rocket travel to Norway to visit the Asgardian refugee settlement New Asgard and recruit an overweight and depressed Thor. Clint Barton, who became a vigilante after the death of his family, is recruited by Romanoff in Tokyo.

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Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

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