Gold (2022)

Thriller | 97 min


  • Release Date: 13 Jan, 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Thriller
  • Language: English


Gold is a 2022 Australian survival thriller film. You may interested in Gold full movie download movie links.

Gold Plot

Two men discover the largest gold nugget ever discovered and must devise a method to extract it. However, as the two put their plan into action, doubt and greed begin to creep in.

Two unnamed individuals discover an enormous nugget of gold in an inhospitable desert in a dystopian near future with social and environmental breakdown.

Gold Narrative

Zac Efron, who is limping, plays an unknown man who meets another man in the desert and takes him to a compound. But, along the way, the truck the pair is in begins to break down, so they pull over – and that’s when Efron’s character discovers a large chunk of gold glinting in the sun. As they dig deeper, they realize this is the biggest nugget in the area and will make them wealthy; however, one of them will need to return to get an excavation truck.

As Hayes’ character departs, Efron’s character is left in an unforgiving environment, with doubts and circling vultures nibbling at his soul in the scorching sun. Gold begins with a brooding scene of vultures in the skyline before transitioning into shots of scurrying creatures and hints of decay. There’s no backstory here, and the two men’s banter is both caustic and brittle.

However, this is not a Waiting for Godot-style film, even if Efron and the environment quickly become the only characters on the screen. With its drained aesthetic and the sense that it was shot in the same areas as Mad Max Fury Road’s quarry-led road trappings, Gold has a post-apocalyptic feel that contrasts sharply with its shiny material within.

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