Alice in Borderland (2020)

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 30 min
Alice in Borderland


  • Release Date: 11 Dec, 2020
  • Country: Japan
  • Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Language: Japanese


Alice in Borderland is a fantasy sci-fi thriller survival series from Japan based on a graphic novel. You may interested in Index of Alice in Borderland download links with all episodes.

A gathering of exhausted deadbeats are moved to an equal no man’s land as a component of an endurance game.

Alice in Borderland Plot

The main scene is the ideal method of presenting this new world. To begin with, we see three companions get together and have some good times. In the wake of being pursued by the police (for causing a genuine unsettling influence of traffic), every other person out of nowhere vanishes. One second they’re in a clamoring city with individuals and commotion all over the place. The following, they wind up in an unfilled city where nothing electronic works.

Except if it’s battery-controlled! Inside the main scene, they likewise find that this new world highlights weird games that are in a real sense decisive. Truly, this is a SAW meets Escape Room with some Cube components tossed in for good measure.It’s totally magnificent! Particularly on the grounds that we additionally become acquainted with the characters as they attempt to get by in this city. A city they know yet which is presently without individuals and everything electronic. Aside from, obviously, when “a game” is going on. These games do have lights and other umm “exercises” occurring.

The “Alice” of the title is Ryohei Arisu, a school dropout bum and computer game aficionado with an epic acumen, particularly with regards to interpreting the rationale of riddles and games. This rapidly turns out to be valuable surely since he and his companions, the troublemaker women’s man Karube and dorky IT expert Chota, all enter a latrine desk area together in Shibuya Station and arise to an unfilled Tokyo, presently loaded with lethal endurance challenges sorted by playing a game of cards meaning their sort and trouble.

Along these lines, truly, Alice in Borderland is Battle Royale and Saw given a contemporary game-y makeover and a comic-book-y reasonableness. None of its composite components are new, however this is an exceptionally refined and enthusiastic variant of a gorge prepared configuration, substance to rocket along dangerously fast and just apportion plot or character data as it’s required, friend in the variety and energy of the games themselves keeping watchers locked in. What’s more, kid, was I locked in. The creation is smooth, the activity is all around arranged and energizing, the games are cunning, and the characters are authentic as closest companions push into a flighty and hazardous circumstance.

The three companions are Arisu, Karube, and Chota. Likewise, before the finish of scene 1, we see another character, who will be presented appropriately in scene 2. Her name is Yuzuha Usagi and she’s depicted by Tao Tsuchiya, who ends up being pretty damn acceptable at these games.

You can find Index of Alice in Borderland full series Download links below or you can watch Alice in Borderland online as per your preference.

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Alice in Borderland

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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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