Archive 81 (2022)

Drama, Horror, Mystery | 40 min


  • Release Date: 14 Jan, 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Language: English


Archive 81 is an horror drama mystery streaming television series. You may interested in Index of Archive 81 download links with all episodes.

Archive 81 Plot

An archivist accepts a job restoring damaged videotapes but becomes entangled in a mystery involving the missing director and a mysterious cult that they were documenting.

The series is based on the Archive 81 podcast.

Archive 81 Narrative

Dan is a conservator who has been tasked with working on a Hi8 tape. He restores it and watches the introduction to Melody’s PhD dissertation about the Visser, which she wrote in 1994. The tape is for L.M.G.’s Virgil Davenport, and Virgil invites him to fix the rest of the tapes. Though he finds it strange that Virgil is aware of Dan’s family’s death in a fire when he was young, he accepts it. He moves to a research campus owned by L.M.G. because the tapes are too fragile to be moved.

Because there is no internet or cell reception and Dan has a history of mental health issues, Virgil gives Dan a bracelet that can summon emergency medical personnel. Melody searches for Jess, a kid she claims was abducted from the building. Dan’s father arrives and tries to talk her down while she is fighting with the guards. Dan is taken aback by his father’s involvement.

Dan calls his friend Mark from his cellphone in the woods, realizing that Virgil had purposefully sought him out. Mark persuades him to continue working on the tapes in order to figure out why his father was involved. Jess introduces Melody to more Visser residents, including Beatriz and Samuel, who approaches her and asks her out. Dr. Turner leaves a message on Melody’s answering machine, revealing that she is one of his patients. She removes it.

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Drama, Horror, Mystery

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