Band of Brothers (2001)

Action, Drama, History, War | 60 min
Band of Brothers


  • Release Date: 09 Sep, 2001
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, History, War
  • Language: English


Band of Brothers is a 2001 American war drama miniseries. You may interested in Index of Band of Brothers download links with all episodes.

The tale of Easy Company of the U.S. Armed force 101st Airborne Division, and their crucial World War II Europe, from Operation Overlord, through V-J Day.

Band of Brothers Plot

Band of Brothers is a performed record of Easy Company, alloted to the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division during World War II. More than ten scenes the arrangement subtleties the organization’s adventures during the war. Beginning with hop preparing at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, Band of Brothers finishes the unit the American airborne arrivals in Normandy, Operation Market Garden, the Siege of Bastogne, and on to the war’s end.

It incorporates the taking of the Kehlsteinhaus at Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden and alludes to the give up of Japan. Major Richard Winters is the focal character, demonstrated attempting to achieve the organization’s missions and guard his men together and. While the arrangement includes an enormous troupe cast, every scene by and large spotlights on a solitary character, following his activity.

As the arrangement depends on notable occasions, the destinies of the characters mirror those of the people on which they are based. Numerous either kick the bucket or support genuine injuries which lead to their being sent home. Different warriors recoup after treatment in field emergency clinics and rejoin their units on the cutting edge. Their encounters, and the good, mental, and physical obstacles they should survive, are integral to the account.

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Band of Brothers

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Action, Drama, History, War

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