Billions (2016)

Drama | 60 min


  • Release Date: 01 Jan, 2016
  • Country : USA
  • Genres : Drama
  • Language : English


Billions is a television drama series. You may interested in Index of Billions download links with all episodes.

Chuck Rhoades, an earnest yet heartless US lawyer, participates in a vain fight with fence investments boss Bobby ‘Hatchet’ Axelrod as they attempt to exceed each other in the serious monetary market.

Billions Plot

Hurl meets the new Attorney General, who illuminates him regarding his approach to lay off Wall Street wrongdoing. Hurl yields and educates Sacker, the new Chief of Crim. Hatchet is out of jail, yet is isolated from Lara. Dake, presently US Attorney of the Eastern District, is indicting the case with Connerty, and have solidified the entirety of Ax’s capital, which leaves Taylor, presently Chief Investment Officer of Ax Capital in an awful position.

With Ax’s permit to exchange suspended, he attempts to discover imaginative approaches to do so in any case, by reaching past representatives with their own shops. Dake and Connerty get an appointed authority known for preferring the free market, and Chuck can’t hazard the case this way and pulls in favors so as to get the adjudicator changed. Then, because of a monstrosity Tsunami in Brazil, Ax’s speculations are searching down for the afternoon, something Taylor can’t have.

Hatchet approaches Ira, presently broke and embarrassed, with an offer that in the event that he affirms against Chuck and drop the common suits, he’ll pay him $30 million. After at first cannot, Ira, managing the disgrace of deferring proposing to his better half, acknowledges the arrangement. In a gathering to advise Connerty and Dake of his difference in heart, he half-proclaims that Chuck and his dad are included too, before being hindered by Dake.

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        Remaining seasons has been added.

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