Clickbait (2021)

Crime, Drama, Mystery | 22 min


  • Release Date: 25 Aug, 2021
  • Country: Australia, United States
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Language: English


Clickbait is a crime drama mystery streaming television miniseries. You may interested in Index of Clickbait download links with all episodes.

When family man Nick Brewer is kidnapped in a crime with a inauspicious online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who’s behind it and why.

Clickbait Plot

After fighting with her house Nick Brewer at a family feed, Pia Brewer angrily goes for a night on the megacity and accidentally drops her phone in the restroom. The following day while at work, a case she attends to shows her a vid of Nick visibly beaten and holding up a card that says ” I abuse women “. He either holds up a different card that says ” At 5 million views I die. ” Frantic, Pia attempts to get Nick but is unfit to as her phone is still left to dry at her apartment.

She connections Nick’s cellphone through her workphone and either arrives at his office, but learns that Nick has not arrived at work yet. Pia either goes to Nick’s Wife Sophie at the academy she teaches, and both go to go to the police. They meet with Operative Rohan who assures them that everything is being done to certify the situation. Nick and Sophie’s kiddos, Ethan and Kai, have also seen the tape and are staying out of academy for the time being.

Pia retrieves her phone and finds a voice communication from Nick who apologizes for their fight, as Pia remembers how Nick anteriorly suggested that he was having married problems with Sophie. Pia goes to see if their mammy has heard from him, but after realizing she has not, opts to keep her in the dark about the tape instead. The police ask Sophie and Pia to return for a secondary interview, after a equivalent tape is released Nick holding a sign that reads ” I killed a Woman. “

Sophie and Pia confirm that while the first 2 signs were in Nick’s handwriting, the 3rd bone is not. The inquest now moves into the hands of the homicide department from missing persons. Outside of the station, Pia confronts Sophie about Nick’s voice- matter, but the hindmost tells her not to partake it with the police who are also beginning to suspect Nick of confessing to crimes he committed.

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Crime, Drama, Mystery

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