Dispatches from Elsewhere (2020)

Drama | 40 min
Dispatches from Elsewhere


  • Release Date: 01 Feb, 2020
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama
  • Language: English


Dispatches from Elsewhere is a anthology drama television series. You may interested in Index of Dispatches from Elsewhere download links with all episodes.

Feeling as if there’s something missing in the lives, four conventional individuals unearth a riddle concealing just past the cover of regular daily existence, and their eyes are opened to a universe of probability and enchantment.

Dispatches from Elsewhere Plot

Octavio Coleman, Esq. acquaints the watcher with Peter, a representative for a music spilling administration driving an exhausting, sub-par life. At some point, he experiences a progression of baffling flyers on his course to work. Charmed, he chooses to take a tag and calls the number, after which he’s welcome to the Jejune Institute for an acceptance service. In the wake of showing up, Peter gets an admonition about Jejune’s treacherous thought processes and escapes the structure.

Dwindle’s next undertaking drives him to a get-together of different members in the Society’s games. Those present are relegated gatherings of four, where Peter is brought together with Simone and meets Fredwynn and Janice. The gathering is advised to discover Clara, Keeper of “Divine Nonchalance”. They go to a coffee shop to talk about the idea of the game, with Janice accepting the game is a trick, Simone getting it’s an advertising trick, and Fredwynn demanding that the entire thing is an elevated level intrigue.

Coleman re-acquaints the watcher with Simone, a craftsmanship graduate filling in as a docent at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Simone gets a pack of batteries named ‘Fish Food’ grinding away. She goes to see Peter, who gets a talking electronic fish. The two take the fish, which presents itself as Clara, to Fishtown. They follow the pieces of information and inevitably are pave the way to a rooftop, where “Clara” urges them to uncover something frightening to one another.

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Dispatches from Elsewhere

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