Fleabag (2016)

Comedy, Drama | 27 min


  • Release Date: 16 Sep, 2016
  • Country : USA
  • Genres : Comedy, Drama
  • Language : English


Fleabag is a comedydrama television series. You may interested in Index of Fleabag download links with all episodes.

A satire arrangement adjusted from the honor winning play about a young lady attempting to adapt to life in London while dealing with an ongoing catastrophe.

Fleabag Plot

Fleabag has a single night rendezvous with Arsehole Guy, before getting another man on the transport, Bus Rodent, to whom she describes how she split from her standard beau, Harry. Subsequent to being denied a business advance by Bank Manager for her falling flat bistro, she meets and contends with her high-accomplishing sister, Claire, at a women’s activist talk. She visits her alienated Dad and manipulative Godmother, from whose home studio she takes a significant model of a lady’s middle.

Fleabag attempts to offer the taken sculpture to Claire’s specialty vendor spouse, Martin. She runs into Arsehole Guy, yet the cumbersome sex that results makes her run back to her sincerely delicate, here and there sweetheart, Harry. Harry leaves her for good, be that as it may, after she terrifies him in the shower, and after he finds that she’s been lying about quitting any pretense of jerking off.

Civility of Dad, Fleabag and Claire hesitantly visit a female-just quiet retreat, where they regularly disrupt the norm of quietness. Fleabag admits to Claire that she took the model, and Claire requests that her arrival it. At the retreat, Fleabag runs into Bank Manager, who is going to a neighboring workshop following a lewd behavior embarrassment at work. The two bond over their common misery.

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Comedy, Drama

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