Foundation (2021)

Drama, Sci-Fi | 40 min


  • Release Date: 24 Sep, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Language: English


Foundation is a science fiction drama television series. You may interested in Index of Foundation download links with all episodes.

Foundation Plot

A complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. Dr Hari Seldon and his loyal followers attempt to preserve their culture as the galaxy collapses around them.

Foundation chronicles “…the thousand-year saga of The Foundation, a band of exiles who discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to defy it.

Foundation Narrative

The epic, written by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, follows the fall of the Galactic Empire. Hari Seldon, played by Jared Harris, is a brilliant mathematician who has calculated, using numbers and history, that the empire that rules over everyone will fall apart in 500 years (500 years is nothing in the scope of “Foundation”).

The people who work with him—his adoptive son assistant Raych (Alfred Enoch) and new prodigy Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell), who came to study with Hari after leaving a water planet that looks down on intellectuals—get into a lot of trouble when he reveals this publicly.

The destruction of a space station that reaches miles high called The Starbridge, which crashes in the pilot episode like a gargantuan snake plopping flopping down on a metropolis, tearing a hole in the digital sky above, is paralleled with a massive act of terrorism on the bustling planet of Trantor—the destruction of a space station that reaches miles high called The Starbridge, which crashes like a gargantuan snake plopping flopping down on It’s a jaw-dropping sequence of destruction, one of many that demonstrates how much Apple TV+ is putting into the series’ cinematic look, and it ends with 100 million people dead. The end is in sight.

You can find Index of Foundation full series Download links below or you can watch Foundation online as per your preference.

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Trailer: Foundation

Drama, Sci-Fi

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  • Yeg 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

    Scenes From a Marriage pls

    • PHwe 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

      Can you please upload Scenes From a Marriage in 1080p 264x

      • Jural 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

        (The 1080p of the episode’s 3 link is the 720p)

        This series looks absolutely great. The first 2 episodes really hooked me good!

          • Siri 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

            E02 1080p link fixed. Thanks for reporting.

          • Jural 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

            Accidentally uploaded the episode 6 2160 as episode 7 on 1080 link

              • Siri 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

                Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

              • RHYS 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

                Please upload Oz (1997) Season 1-6 1080p x264.

                  • Siri 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

                    Maybe it will be added in future, I can provide you S01 720p now if you want.

                  • mohamed El sayed 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

                    the 1080p x265 links didn’t work please fix it

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                      • Martín 17 / 07 / 2023 Reply

                        All the 720p are wrong… There are all 2160p????

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