Into the Badlands (2015)

Action, Adventure, Drama | 42 min
Into the Badlands


  • Release Date: 15 Nov, 2015
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Language: English


Into the Badlands is a action adventure drama television series. You may interested in Index of Into the Badlands download links with all episodes.

A powerful hero and a little youngster look for edification in a merciless region constrained by primitive noblemen.

Into the Badlands Plot

Official Sunny, a profoundly gifted warrior and the deadliest “Head Clipper” for Baron Quinn fights the Nomads to save a baffling kid named M.K. who harbors a dull mystery about his past. In any case, when he takes him back to The Fort to prepare as a “Yearling”, a Clipper-in-preparing, things rapidly turn crazy with another learner. At the point when first blood is drawn, M.K. fails to keep a grip on himself as though something assumes control over his body, making the kid significant to a restricting aristocrat, The Widow. Then, Sunny finds M.K’s. pendant has similar picture as the one on his youth compass of a spot called Azra, the kid’s home.

In the wake of meandering into The Widow’s an area, M.K. meets the Widow’s little girl Tilda, whom he follows for asylum in her mom’s manor. In any case, it ends up being a hazardous spot since she needs to utilize his dull ability to topple different nobles. Then, after Quinn’s cerebral pains are analyzed by his long-term specialist as a tumor, he doesn’t have long to live.

Quinn looks for revenge against The Widow and follows through on the cost with losing numerous Clippers in his unexpected assault. M.K. splits from the Colts to take the book about Azra in The Widow’s examination, where Tilda sees him. Bright starts to prepare M.K., however he should initially learn discipline, particularly when he belittles Waldo during their battle in light of the fact that Waldo utilizes a wheelchair.

Radiant needs to sort out some way to control M.K’s. power, particularly when he gets taken out by a solitary punch. Jade gets ready for her wedding, and taking Lydia’s recommendation, she stops her relationship with Ryder, who feels broken and deceived. Bright discovers Veil has been helping M.K. decipher the Azra book and treating Quinn for his tumor. Afterward, Quinn sets a parlay with Baron Jacobee to help him rout The Widow after she decapitates one of his Clippers.

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Into the Badlands

Trailer: Into the Badlands

Action, Adventure, Drama

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