iZombie (2015)

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror | 42 min


  • Release Date: 17 Mar, 2015
  • Country : USA
  • Genres : Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror
  • Language : English


iZombie is a supernatural procedural crime drama television series. You may interested in Index of iZombie download links with all episodes.

Clinical inhabitant Liv transforms into a zombie and takes up work at a mortuary to fulfill her hankering for expending new human cerebrums, just to find that she retains the recollections of those she benefits from.

iZombie Plot

Having been changed into a zombie during a pontoon gathering and compelled to abandon her old dreams and family ties, Liv Moore ends up helping new kid on the block Detective Clive Babineaux in the examination of a killed Romanian whore when her chief, Ravi, presents her as a clairvoyant after she has a glimmer of knowledge about the casualty dependent on the expended cerebrums.

Liv builds up a composition fixation when she eats the cerebrum of a killed craftsman that Clive is researching. Liv additionally experiences another zombie without precedent for the type of the street pharmacist, Blaine DeBeers, who was unexpectedly answerable for her change. Blaine asks that Liv gracefully him with cerebrums from the funeral home, however Liv rapidly starts to doubt him. Blaine then executes his previous medication managing contacts just as taints a lady that he gets from a nearby bar.

While examining the homicide of a sociopath contract killer, Liv turns out to be sincerely removed in the wake of eating his cerebrum, making her settle on progressively ethically flawed choices, incorporating meddling with Peyton’s legal dispute just as sassing Clive’s examination. In the interim, Liv and Ravi find another zombie shrouded away who happens to be Marcy, Liv’s old work companion.

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Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror

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    Can you please upload iZOMBIE S1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and KRYPTON S1, 2

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        Remaining seasons will be added within 48 hrs. Keypton will be added soon. Krypton will be added soon.

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                    More Marvel’s and DC Superhero series will be added soon.

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                    The links for iZombie S4 E7 is leading me to S4 E6 page. Please Reupload S4 E7

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                        S04E07 will be added within 24 hrs. Thanks for reporting.

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                                S04 links fixed, S05 links are working fine. Thanks for reporting.

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