Kabir Singh (2019)

Drama, Romance | 173 min
Kabir Singh


  • Release Date: 20 Jun, 2019
  • Country: India
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Language: English


Kabir Singh is a romantic drama film. You may interested in Index of Kabir Singh movie download links.

Kabir, a virtuoso yet threatening house specialist, begins to look all starry eyed at Preeti, a first-year understudy. At the point when Preeti’s dad detects the couple kissing, he contradicts their relationship and chooses to get her wedded.

Kabir Singh Plot

Kabir Rajdheer Singh is a house specialist at Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences. In spite of being a splendid understudy, he has serious displeasure the board issues that win the fury of the school senior member. Kabir’s forceful nature additionally gains him a notoriety among his youngsters as a school menace.

Kabir and his companion Shiva enter a third-year homeroom and declare that Kabir is enamored with Preeti, stating that she is selective to him. At first apprehensive, Preeti begins modifying herself to Kabir’s oppressive disposition. She in the long run responds his emotions, and they build up a close connection. Kabir graduates with a MBBS degree and leaves for Mussoorie to seek after a postgraduate qualification in Orthopedic medical procedure.

Harpal contradicts Preeti and Kabir’s relationship since he detests Kabir’s character. Kabir requests that Preeti must choose inside six hours; else, he will cut off their association. When she figures out how to visit Kabir’s home, he is tanked, infuses morphine into himself, and gets oblivious for two days, missing his senior sibling Karan’s wedding simultaneously.

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Kabir Singh

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Drama, Romance

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