Kate (2021)

Action, Adventure, Crime | 106 min


  • Release Date: 10 Sep, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime
  • Language: English


Kate is a action adventure thriller film. You may interested in Kate index of movie download movie links.

A ruthless Tokyo assassin has less than 24 hours to find out who ordered the hit and exact revenge after slipping a fatal poison on her final job.

Kate Plot

Kate is a highly trained assassin who works with Varrick, her handler since she was a child. Kate accepts a job in Osaka, Japan, to assassinate a mystery target, only to discover that her client wants her to assassinate Ani, a teenage girl. Kate regroups in Tokyo, preparing for another assignment to help restore her reputation, despite her unwillingness to complete the job.

Before the big event, the killer meets a handsome stranger in a bar, enjoying a night of sex before she’s back to business. However, all is not well with Kate, who passes out during the mission, waking up in a hospital, learning she’s been poisoned, given 24 hours to live.

Kate isn’t entirely hardened, as she enters the story with a spring in her step as she sets out on her latest assignment, enjoying a bottle of her favorite soda, Boom Boom Lemon, before taking on security officers to help acquire the high ground for a sniper shot.

Kate is rough, but she’s confident, and she has a familial relationship with Varrick, who serves as a coach for her. “Kate” begins with a moral quandary, with the eponymous character struggling with an order to shoot Ani, eventually refusing her job, putting her in a difficult position while establishing her capacity for benevolence.

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Action, Adventure, Crime

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