Kingdom (2019)

Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller | 45 min


  • Release Date: 25 Jan, 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Language: English


Kingdom is a supernatural thriller web television series. You may interested in Index of Kingdom download links with all episodes.

While abnormal bits of gossip about their evil lord hold a realm, the crown sovereign turns into their solitary expectation against a puzzling sickness overwhelming the land.

Kingdom Plot

Set in Korea’s Joseon period, a couple of years after the Japanese intrusions of Korea, the main season delineates the tale of Crown Prince Lee Chang, who gets involved in an overthrow/political trick and is compelled to set out upon a crucial research the spread of a baffling undead plague that has assailed the momentum head and the nation’s southern territories. The story begins with a notification on an announcement, asserting the ruler of Joseon is dead and the crown sovereign ought to be delegated quickly as the new lord.

Be that as it may, inside the royal residence, the ruler is known to be seriously wiped out and has been subtly treated for as far back as 10 days. Nobody was permitted to visit the ruler, not by any means the crown sovereign himself. Late around evening time, the crown ruler escapes to visit his dad, needing to know reality. In any case, rather than his dad, he experienced the outline of a brutal beast.

Joined by the doctor Seo-Bi, the puzzling Yeong-Shin, and his own watchman Moo-Young, Prince Lee-Chang must forestall the development of the plague towards his home capital of Hanyang while tending to the evil upset planned by Minister Cho Hak-ju and his family pointed towards his testimony from the honored position.

You can find Index of Kingdom full series Download links below or you can watch Kingdom online as per your preference.

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Trailer: Kingdom

Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller

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