Legacies (2018)

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | 45 min


  • Release Date: 25 Oct, 2018
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
  • Language: English


Legacies is a fantasy drama television series. You may interested in Index of Legacies download links with all episodes.

Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid little girl of a Vampire/Werewolf half and half, advances on the planet.

Legacies Plot

Hope Mikaelson, an understudy at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, helps her director Alaric Saltzman in selecting werewolf Rafael to the school. All the while, Hope runs into her old companion Landon, who is likewise Rafael’s cultivate sibling, yet since the school for the otherworldly is considered to be unreasonably hazardous for people, Landon is dismissed.

In the wake of utilizing dark enchantment to discover Landon, Hope is compelled to see the direction guide, however covers for Josie. Caught up with looking for Landon with Hope and Rafael, Alaric can’t go to the banner football match-up against Mystic Falls High and requests the understudies to lose the game to hold the school’s spread.

Alaric allots the understudies network administration as discipline for the battle that broke out after the game, which Lizzie faults Josie and Alaric for. Hope is additionally there for utilizing dark enchantment, and begins to bond with Josie. In the wake of facing Alaric, Lizzie is reassigned to the nurseries, where she is scratched by a figure of deformity and left deadened. Josie faculties that something isn’t right with Lizzie and she and Hope come back to the school.

You can find Index of Legacies full series Download links below or you can watch Legacies online as per your preference.

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Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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