Midnight Mass (2021)

Drama, Horror, Mystery | 40 min
Midnight Mass


  • Release Date: 24 Sep, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Language: English


Midnight Mass is a supernatural horror mystery drama streaming television miniseries. You may interested in Index of Midnight Mass download links with all episodes.

A charismatic priest arrives in a dying town, bringing miracles, mysteries, and renewed religious fervor.

Midnight Mass Plot

Riley Flynn returns to Crockett Island, a tiny offshore fishing village, after serving four years in prison for a drunk driving accident that killed a young lady. Riley is struggling to reintegrate with the town’s devout Catholic community, which includes his parents Annie and Ed, his teenage brother Warren, childhood sweetheart Erin Greene, zealous parishioner Bev Keane, and Father Paul Hill, a newcomer who is temporarily replacing the aging Monsignor Pruitt. The town’s economy is in shambles as a result of an oil spill that has devastated its fishing sector.

The town’s residents are unable to determine the cause of death for the cats discovered on the beach. Bev uses 1080 to protect the church’s perimeter against potential predators. Father Paul discovers that Leeza Scarborough, the mayor’s daughter who uses a wheelchair, was paralyzed after being accidentally shot by town drunk Joe Collie. Joe’s dog dies unexpectedly after eating food from the ground at the island’s annual Ash Wednesday potluck. Joe suspects Bev, whom he despises, of extorting church donations from the townspeople after convincing them to accept a settlement with the oil company that contaminated the bay’s waters, knowing that it would benefit the church.

After Leeza’s unexpected recovery, which the residents believe was a miracle, Crockett Island begins to experience a religious revival. Leeza pays a visit to Joe, who witnesses her recovery for the first time, and expresses her years of resentment towards him for causing her life-altering injury, only to forgive him. Joe, moved by Riley and Father Paul, decides to attend an AA meeting. Sheriff Hassan, whose Muslim faith pits him against the town’s predominantly Christian populace, discovers that his son Ali is studying the Bible.

Later, at a town meeting, he makes an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Bev to stop handing out Bibles to public school children. Father Paul collapses in front of Bev and the Scarboroughs, coughs up blood, and dies, only to resurrect. Paul sits in a confession booth in a flashback the night before his first sermon on the island. He tells the true story of Monsignor Pruitt, who was caught in a sandstorm near Jerusalem and discovered an ancient ruin, where he was attacked by a winged, vampiric creature (which Pruitt claims is an Angel) who fed him its lifeblood.

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Midnight Mass

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Drama, Horror, Mystery

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