Mirzapur (2018)

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | 60 min


  • Release Date: 16 Nov, 2018
  • Country: India
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Language: Hindi


Mirzapur is a crime, thriller web Indian television series. You may interested in Index of Mirzapur download links with all episodes.

Akhandanand Tripathi made millions sending out floor coverings and turned into the mafia manager of Mirzapur. His child Munna, a contemptible, eager for power beneficiary, perseveres relentlessly to proceed with his dad’s heritage.

Mirzapur Plot

Munna Tripathi, child of ground-breaking Akhandanand Tripathi known as Kaleen Bhaiyaa, erroneously shoots a man of the hour while moving. The man of the hour’s family takes the case to legitimate legal advisor, Mr Pandit. Pandit has 3 kids, Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy, each of the three examination in a similar school. Guddu really likes Dimpy’s dear companion Sweety. When Munna becomes more acquainted with about Pandit taking the case, he goes to Pandit’s home to undermine him.

The siblings consent to work for Tripathi. They are given a bicycle and are sent to work their dad out of the case. Munna is irate with his dad for not rebuffing Guddu and Bablu. Pandit will not tune in to his children and requests that they leave. It is uncovered that Sweety has a geeky sister, Golu, and that their dad is a degenerate cop who accepts hush money from Tripathi.

An age old contention between Kaleen Bhaiya, his dad and Rati Shankar is revived. Sharad will not join his dad Rati Shankar’s business. J.P. Yadav requests political decision assets from Kaleen Bhaiya so he meets Lala to request additional gracefully of resham (opium) and in transit back gets trapped by Rati Shankar’s professional killers. He catches two of the professional killers and questions them.

You can find Index of Mirzapur full series Download links below or you’ll be able to watch Mirzapur online as per your choice.

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Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

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  • Priyanka Pradhan 06 / 07 / 2020 Reply

    can you please upload may i come in madam all the seasons episodes in 1080p

      • Siri 06 / 07 / 2020 Reply

        Unfortunately uploading Indian daily soap series is not possible at all. It’s rare to find and extremely unpopular in other countries.

      • Jayant Dadhich 06 / 07 / 2020 Reply

        Can you upload suicide squad 2016 hindi dubbed movie

        • Rock 06 / 07 / 2020 Reply

          Episode 3 5 6 8 and 9 720p links are not working

            • Siri 06 / 07 / 2020 Reply

              Links fixed. Thanks for reporting.

                • Abhishek 21 / 08 / 2020 Reply

                  Ep 1 1080p no sound.
                  Waste of downloaded 1.2 gb

                    • Siri 21 / 08 / 2020 Reply

                      Audio is working fine. 1080p is in HEVC (x265) format and sounds like your hardware do no have proper support for it. We recommend VLC or MX Player, Give it a shot.

                • Hannan 10 / 07 / 2020 Reply

                  can you please upload Fifty shades all parts

                  • Ninja 23 / 07 / 2020 Reply

                    Can you upload All seasons of Entourage. Plz.

                      • Siri 23 / 07 / 2020 Reply

                        Maybe we will add it in future. It has really low popularity.

                      • Sho 15 / 08 / 2020 Reply

                        Mirzapur links 480p not working showing file not found

                          • Siri 15 / 08 / 2020 Reply

                            480p links fixed, Thanks for reporting.

                          • Aaditya Tyagi 11 / 09 / 2020 Reply

                            How much time it takes to upload the links of the series after the release

                              • Siri 11 / 09 / 2020 Reply

                                Probably within 24-48 hrs.

                              • Xyz 22 / 09 / 2020 Reply

                                Can you guys please upload Schitt’s creek all seasons.

                                • Mr beast 23 / 09 / 2020 Reply

                                  Season 1 episode 5 720p*264 format is not working.It stops after half downloading.Please fix this.I have tried from both laptop and mobile.

                                    • Siri 23 / 09 / 2020 Reply

                                      S01E05 720p has been reuploaded. Please try to download again, it should work fine as expected.

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