Modern Family (2009)

Comedy, Drama, Romance | 22 min
Modern Family


  • Release Date: 23 Sep, 2009
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Language: English


Modern Family is a family comedy drama TV series. You may interested in Index of Modern Family download links with all episodes.

Three diverse however related families face hardships in their own remarkably comedic ways.

Modern Family Plot

Jay’s family attempts to work regardless of the age contrast among himself and his subsequent spouse, Gloria. Claire and Phil’s family attempts to rebuff their child and watch over their oldest girl and her new beau. Mitchell attempts to avoid his family that he and his accomplice Cameron have quite recently embraced a child little girl in Vietnam until Cameron welcomes Mitchell’s family without counseling him

Jay attempts to show his stepson he can be a decent dad; Phil attempts to show his child a thing or two by taking his bicycle, however gets in a tough situation when he finds he misunderstood the bicycle; and Cameron and Mitchell carry Lily to a play gathering and attempt to act straight. Jay attempts to invest some energy alone with his model plane, however Phil ruins it; Alex and Gloria go to a shopping center and Gloria attempts to persuade Alex to wear a dress to a wedding; Mitchell goes to Costco without precedent for his life.

Mitchell and Claire’s mom visits the family months after she humiliated Jay and Gloria before their family during their wedding. Phil and Claire attempt to judge whether Haley’s sweetheart, Dylan, is satisfactory to take her to a show or not. Mitchell goes to his dad’s home to reveal to him that they are welcoming his ex to a gathering, however doesn’t tell Gloria. Manny and Luke get into a battle at school. The family accumulates at Jay and Gloria’s to watch football. Claire and Gloria get into a contention.

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Modern Family

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

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