Nightbooks (2021)

2021 | 100 min


  • Release Date: 15 Sep, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Family, Fantasy, Horror
  • Language: English


Nightbooks is a dark family fantasy horror film. You may interested in Nightbooks index of movie download movie links.

Fan of scary stories Alex must tell a spine-chilling story every night, or he will be trapped with his new friend in a wicked witch’s magical apartment for the rest of his life.

Nightbooks Plot

Young Alex, on the other hand, is already in a lot of trouble before he even meets the witch. His love of the horror genre has made him a pariah among his grade-school peers, prompting him to dismantle a bedroom full of posters for films like “The Lost Boys” and “The People Under the Stairs,” and to collect his “nightbooks” of self-penned short stories for disposal in his apartment building’s basement furnace.

After falling into this supernatural trap, Alex is given a chance to live if he writes a new story for Ritter’s witch every night that she approves of. Meanwhile, he befriends another prisoner, Yasmin, who has long been under the witch’s control and can assist him in navigating an apartment full of macabre surprises, such as a night garden populated by strange plants and diabolical creatures.

Best known for his role as the title character in Tom McCarthy’s Disney Plus film “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made,” Fegley adds a year and a pair of spectacles to a similar brand of preteen precociousness in “Nightbooks,” but his character is grounded in a more recognizable fear and anxiety. The central irony of the film is that the witch gives Alex a more attentive and appreciative audience for his work than his parents or peers.

Director David Yarovesky and his production designer, Anastasia Masaro, transform the witch’s apartment into a carnival funhouse, creating a varied and borderless array of secret rooms that serve as both a spooky prison for Alex and Yazmin and a space of limitless possibility. Younger children may be put off by Yarovesky’s aggressive cinematics, but “Nightbooks” was created for the Alexes of the world, who are too young for the vast majority of horror films but want to see Halloween monsters come to life. This is the ideal entry point into the macabre for them.

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