Rome (2005)

Action, Drama, History, Romance, War | 52 min


  • Release Date: 28 Aug, 2005
  • Country: UK, USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, History, Romance, War
  • Language: English


Rome is a historical drama television series. You may interested in Index of Rome download links with all episodes.

A rational record of the lives of both celebrated and common Romans set in the most recent days of the Roman Republic.

Rome Plot

As the battles in Gaul at last reach a conclusion, Caesar is confronted with both victory and hardship. Closely following his triumph comes information on his girl’s demise. Remunerated with the idolization of the individuals, he additionally earns the hostility of incredible rivals and previous companions. In Rome, Pompey the Great must adjust honor and legislative issues as he is asked to sell out an antiquated opponent and late companion. Atia of the Julii attempts to guide her family on the risky way between the developing divisions of intensity, and in the Gallic open country, two far-fetched partners must recover what Caesar has lost.

With becoming political pressures at home, Caesar needs a voice inside the Senate, and Mark Antony isn’t above tolerating the endowment of a purchased office. Accompanying the new “Tribune of the People” to Rome, Vorenus and Pullo re-visitation of their homes without precedent for years: Vorenus to his family, and Pullo to his indecencies. Atia rewards the individuals who return her lost child to her. In the private alcoves of Rome, influential men make deals to strip Caesar of his developing force, and in becoming political pressures of Rome the activities of the basest of men will shake the establishments of the city.

Caesar, at the top of his actually propelling armed force, sends Vorenus and Pullo, alongside the Ubian rangers for fortification, set for investigate Pompey’s guards, with the severe command to progress just until obstruction is met and, if regular citizens are met en route, to give Caesar’s declaration to them, and to educate them to re-visitation of Rome and have it perused in the discussion. Marc Antony reveals to Vorenus that if no obstruction is met and they experience no regular citizens, he is to take the declaration and nail it to the entryway of the Senate house. Caesar is interested regarding why Vorenus is so grim and Antony uncovers that Vorenus is a severe Catonian who accepts what Caesar is doing is a “horrendous blasphemy.” Caesar reacts that he is just looking for his authentic right.

In the initial scene, a man hung topsy turvy from a tree is being excoriated. Pompey, Brutus, Cicero, Cato, and Scipio talk about the current circumstance: Caesar has walked on Rome and assumed responsibility for the city without meeting with any opposition, and the Senate and the armies faithful to Pompey have removed toward the south. Pompey’s child Quintus enters the tent wherein they are meeting, bearing terrible information: the man whom Quintus has been having tormented has disclosed to them that, subsequent to murdering Pompey’s man Durio and endeavoring to take the gold taken from the depository in the Temple Of Saturn depository, the whole party had run into Caesar’s scouts, including Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, and had been either executed or compelled to escape. Quintus is persuaded that the scouts have taken the gold and Pompey sends him to Rome to discover more.

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Action, Drama, History, Romance, War

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