Sex Education (2019)

Comedy, Drama | 45 min
Sex Education


  • Release Date: 11 Jan, 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Language: English


Sex Education is a drama comedy web TV series. You may interested in Index of Sex Education download links with all episodes.

A young kid with a sex advisor mother collaborates with a secondary school colleague to set up an underground sex treatment facility at school.

Sex Education Plot

Otis, a 6th structure understudy whose mother Jean is a sex advisor, battles with his powerlessness to jerk off. His closest companion Eric, who is straightforwardly gay, educates him that everybody in their group has had intercourse over the mid year, with the exception of Otis. Adam, the school menace and the child of the dean, can’t climax after sex with his sweetheart Aimee. Aimee shares her issues with Maeve, who has gained notoriety for being unbridled.

Aimee has a house gathering where Otis and Maeve endeavor to discover customers by offering out free guidance (in view of an “item test” thought by Eric). Eric endeavors to show the young ladies how to appropriately perform fellatio, yet while rehearsing on bananas, one young lady’s muffle reflex kicks in, prompting debacle. Otis secures himself in the washroom with a couple who harmed themselves during an endeavor at sex, and gives significant treatment.

Otis has a wet long for Maeve and discharges, which he ineffectively attempts to escape Jean. It is found that Jackson devours Risperidone. At the fetus removal center, Maeve discovers that the facility’s approach expects somebody to come get her; she asks Otis and he concurs, thinking it is a date. Eric is chosen for the Swing Band, and clarinetist Lily offers to assist him with making up for lost time to speed. At Eric’s place, Lily attempts to have intercourse with him, however they wind up playing with cosmetics and watching gay pornography once she finds Eric is gay.

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Sex Education

Trailer: Sex Education

Comedy, Drama

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