Shadow and Bone (2021)

Action, Drama, Fantasy | 40 min
Shadow and Bone


  • Release Date: 23 Apr, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy
  • Language: English


Shadow and Bone is a action drama fantasy tv television series. You may interested in Index of Shadow and Bone download links with all episodes.

Dull powers scheme against vagrant mapmaker Alina Starkov when she releases a phenomenal force that could change the destiny of her conflict torn world.

Shadow and Bone Plot

In the Kingdom of Ravka, where there are individuals called Grisha who utilize different types of ability to battle in the Second Army, Alina Starkov, a mapmaker, reunites with her cherished companion and individual vagrant Mal Oryetsev while serving in the First Army. At the point when Mal is picked to be essential for a group to cross the Shadow Fold, an area of dimness isolating East from West Ravka, Alina subverts the current guides so she can go with him.

A group of Grisha and non-Grisha enter the Fold while they are neglected by the appearance of General Kirigan, a Grisha with the uncommon capacity to control murkiness. They are assaulted by greedy animals called Volcra who murder the greater part of the team when alarmed by the presence of their light. Alexei, an individual map maker, escapes from the dinghy and runs towards the opposite side of the Fold. At the point when Alina is taken by a Volcra, she utilizes an antiquated capacity called Sun Summoning to frighten the Volcra away so they can complete their main goal.

In the mean time, in the exchange center city of Ketterdam, individuals from the Dregs posse Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, and Jesper Fahey rival kingpin Pekka Rollins for a task with a payout of 1 million kruge. They carry a Heartrender to Dreesen, the one who set the work, to prevail upon him. Dressen has the Heartrender utilize her forces on a hijacked Alexei, who uncovers that Alina is a Sun Summoner. Dreesen slaughters Alexei and advises the triplet to bring him Alina in return for the work.

In East Ravka, Alina is taken to General Kirigan, who demonstrates she is the Sun Summoner when she releases light after he cuts her. She is removed to the Ravkan capital Os Alta, where she will be given to the ruler and sovereign. Her escort is assaulted by Fjerdan drüskelle, fighters who chase down and annihilate Grisha. A large portion of her Grisha monitor is murdered however she is protected when Kirigan shows up and utilizes his shadows in a “Cut” that disemebers her captor.

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Shadow and Bone

Trailer: Shadow and Bone

Action, Drama, Fantasy

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