Space Force (2020)

Comedy | 30 min
Space Force


  • Release Date: 29 May, 2020
  • Country : USA
  • Genres : Comedy
  • Language : English


Space Force is a comedy web television series. You may interested in Index of Space Force download links with all episodes.

A gathering of individuals are entrusted with building up the U.S. Space Force.

Space Force Plot

Flying corps Lieutenant General Mark Naird is elevated to full four-star general and is planning to take over as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Be that as it may, he is designated as the main Chief of Operations of the most up to date United States military branch: the United States Space Force. His family, including little girl Erin and spouse Maggie, are migrated to Colorado. After one year, the Space Force is going to dispatch another satellite called Epsilon 6 into space.

After the sun oriented boards were expelled from Epsilon 6, Mark and Adrian think of an arrangement to reattach the sun based boards to the Epsilon 6 shuttle before their diverse orbital directions dismantle them excessively far. In spite of different recommendations from his science group, Mark chooses to utilize a chimpanzee, Marcus, and a canine, Theodore, who were in circle for a special crucial.

Imprint and Adrian travel to Washington, D.C. to introduce the case for the Space Force financial plan to the House Armed Services Committee. Erin was suspended from school and endeavors to go with her dad back to Washington, D.C., yet he has Angela watch her for the day. Imprint demands an expanded Space Force financial plan before Congress, while Grabaston endeavors to persuade Adrian to double-cross Mark so that Grabaston can lead the Space Force.

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Space Force

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