Steins;Gate (2011)

Animation, Comedy, Drama | 24 min


  • Release Date: 06 Apr, 2011
  • Country: Japan
  • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama
  • Language: Japanese, English


Steins;Gate is a comedy drama anime television series. You may interested in Index of Steins;Gate download links.

Steins;Gate Plot

After discovering time travel, a university student and his colleagues must use their newfound knowledge to thwart an evil organization’s evil plans.

It is set in 2010 and follows Rintaro Okabe and his friends as they accidentally discover a method of time travel that allows them to send text messages to the past, thereby changing the present.

Steins;Gate Narrative

Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, and his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina go to the Akihabara Radio Kaikan building in the summer of 2010 to attend a time travel seminar given by Doctor Nakabachi. While there, Rintaro meets a girl named Kurisu Makise, who claims to have met him fifteen minutes ago despite the fact that he has never met her.

Rintaro later hears a scream and discovers Kurisu lying in a pool of blood, indicating that she was stabbed to death after receiving a scrambled video message on his phone. Rintaro experiences a strange sensation after sending an e-mail about the situation to his friend Itaru “Daru” Hashida, before discovering that the streets have become deserted and a strange satellite has crashed into the radio building.

Later, as Rintaro’s “Future Gadget Laboratory” works on a phone-controlled microwave that turns bananas into gelatinous form, Rintaro is surprised to learn that the seminar he was supposed to attend was apparently cancelled as if it never happened. Following that, as Rintaro and Daru attend a forum, Rintaro discovers that the e-mail he sent Daru about Kurisu’s stabbing had arrived five days earlier, before meeting Kurisu, who is alive and well.

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Animation, Comedy, Drama

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