Strike Back (2010)

Action, Drama, Thriller | 45 min
Strike Back


  • Release Date: 05 May, 2010
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Language: English


Strike Back is a action adventure television series. You may interested in Index of Strike Back download links with all episodes.

Follows the activities of Section 20, a cryptic unit of British military knowledge. A group of unique activities staff lead a few high hazard missions over the globe.

Strike Back Plot

Just before the 2003 intrusion of Iraq, a Special Forces unit participates in an activity to discharge a prisoner, weapons contractual worker Kenneth Bratton, during which, John Porter incapacitates a kid named As’ad wearing a suicide vest. After the prisoner is discovered, two fighters are slaughtered and one is left in a vegetative state. Accepting the kid was mindful, and that Porter didn’t slaughter him, he is disreputably released. Individual official Hugh Collinson turns into the head of Section 20 of MI6.

In the wake of catching a “Sword of Islam” part, Porter convinces him to lead him to where Dartmouth is being held, and afterward permits himself to be caught. In the wake of finding and evacuating a GPS beacon on one of his teeth, the psychological militants move the two prisoners to another area. Afterward, they choose to execute Dartmouth one day sooner subsequent to understanding the British won’t surrender to their interest. Doorman breaks free and executes the criminals, while As’ad wishes to go along with them, asserting he realizes who murdered the fighters seven years back.

Previous SAS warrior Felix Masuku kills what he accepted was Robert Mugabe in Harare, however was in certainty a twofold. He is immediately captured and sent to a profoundly secure jail. Not needing him to stand preliminary, Section 20 sends Porter to break Masuku out and execute him before at that point.

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Strike Back

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Action, Drama, Thriller

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