Sweet Tooth (2021)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama | 40 min
Sweet Tooth


  • Release Date: 04 Jun, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
  • Language: English


Sweet Tooth is a action adventure fantasy drama streaming television series. You may interested in Index of Sweet Tooth download links with all episodes.

Sweet Tooth Plot

On a hazardous experience in a dystopian world, a kid who’s half-human and half deer looks for a fresh start with a blunt defender.

Sweet Tooth Narrative

Sweet Tooth is set 10 years after the Great Crumble. A puzzling infection has cleared the globe. Mankind has plunged into disarray (“It sucks,” says one survivor. “No guidelines. No laws. When the web went down, it was finished.” We interruption to say a quiet supplication that Covid never influenced wifi inclusion).

Simultaneously as “the Sick” showed up, all human children began being brought into the world as creature half and halves. Indeed, you read that effectively. Return here this moment and see the rest. Dr Aditya Singh, whose story will be one of the B-plots we follow, is driven into a maternity ward by an especially perplexed medical attendant. He thinks that its loaded up with infants who have had textured, padded or thorny hedgehog channels put over them by somebody working with excitement and an exacting spending plan.

One dad , of a child who has arisen with hints of deer about him, sets out ahead of schedule for the slopes. They take asylum in Yellowstone public park while the world goes to hellfire in a wheel barrow. We watch the child Gus grow up over the course of the following 10 years. He figures out how to fish and tap maple trees for syrup (consequently his moniker, from which the moronic title of the show is taken); his prongs come in over his little deer ears, something like that.

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Sweet Tooth

Trailer: Sweet Tooth

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama

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