The Morning Show (2019)

Drama | 60 min
The Morning Show


  • Release Date: 01 Nov, 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama
  • Language: English


The Morning Show is a american drama streaming television series. You may interested in Index of The Morning Show download links with all episodes.

The Morning Show Plot

An unapologetically candid drama that examines the modern workplace through the eyes of those who help to wake America up, lifting the veil on early morning television.

Alex Levy is the host of The Morning Show, a popular breakfast news program broadcast from Manhattan on the UBA network that has a large audience and is widely regarded as having changed the face of American television.

The Morning Show Narrative

The Morning Show, a popular news and talk morning television show, is thrown into disarray when co-anchor Mitch Kessler is fired amid sexual harassment allegations. Fellow anchor Alex Levy becomes enraged at Mitch and the network for keeping her in the dark, and later meets with Mitch, who informs her that the network intends to replace her. In other news, conservative reporter Bradley Jackson becomes a social media sensation after a video of her angrily fact-checking a coal mine protester goes viral.

Cory arranges for Bradley to meet with the show’s executive producer, Chip Black. Bradley is irritated by his dismissive demeanor, and she believes she has ruined her chances. In the midst of contract negotiations and aware that the network relies on her to stabilize the show following Mitch’s departure, Alex attempts to use the situation to obtain all of her demands, including co-host approval. Cory invites an unwitting Bradley to an event in honor of Alex, and the two women are seated next to each other.

The Morning Show’s staff is in disarray as a result of the announcement. Alex has told the press that Bradley will make her debut the following Monday, so as the team prepares to work all weekend to prepare her, Alex arrives to take command of the situation. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Bradley has yet to decide whether or not to accept the job. Mia Jordan requests that Chip appoint her as Bradley’s producer and declares herself in the position before he has even offered it to her.

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The Morning Show

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