The OA (2016)

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | 60 min
The OA


  • Release Date: 16 Dec, 2016
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Language: English


The OA is a fantasy drama mystery drama television series. You may interested in Index of The OA download links.

The OA Plot

Prairie, who went missing seven years ago, returns home, now in her twenties and with her sight restored. While many people believe she is a miracle, others are concerned that she may be dangerous.

Marling plays Prairie Johnson, a young woman who reappears after being missing for seven years, in the series. Prairie, who was blind before her disappearance, now refers to herself as “the OA” and can see.

The OA Narrative

Prairie Johnson returns to her parents, Nancy and Abel, seven years after she vanished. Prairie vanished blind, but now she can see and insists on being addressed as “the OA.” She doesn’t say how she regained her sight or where she’s been for the past seven years, but she does make vague references to being held hostage with others. OA tells Steve, a neighborhood bully, that if he brings her four other strong people, she will save him from being sent to boot camp in Asheville.

Continuing her story, OA claims that her father sent her to an American boarding school for blind children to protect her. Her father, however, died, and she was sent to live with her aunt, who ran a restaurant.

Her father was waiting for her near the Statue of Liberty in them. She ran away on her 21st birthday to see him, but he never showed up. Instead, she met “Hap,” a scientist. She concludes her story for the night, and the boys begin to wonder if she is telling the truth. When French receives a scholarship, he considers not going again, but Buck persuades him to come. The next night, she tells them that Hap was researching people who had NDEs, just like her.

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The OA

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Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

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