The Queen’s Gambit (2020)

Drama | 30 min
The Queen's Gambit


  • Release Date: 23 Oct, 2020
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama
  • Language: English


The Queen’s Gambit is a drama streaming television miniseries. You may interested in Index of The Queen’s Gambit download links with all episodes.

Set during the Cold War period, stranded chess wonder Beth Harmon battles with compulsion in a journey to turn into the best chess major part on the planet.

The Queen’s Gambit Plot

The Queen’s Gambit follows Beth Harmon, a little youngster during the 1950s, who is shipped off a Kentucky halfway house following a family misfortune. While there, youthful Beth’s life is changed in two different ways – she starts to build up an affection for two things: the round of chess and the sedatives being given out by the shelter’s orderlies.

The series continues to finish Beth her high school years and into youthful adulthood, as she decides to be one of the head major parts in the male-overwhelmed serious chess circuit. En route, Beth must wrestle with how chess factors into her feeling of character, her relationship with enslavement, and the injury she has suffered at virtually every phase of her life.

The Queen’s Gambit has been at the focal point of a few endeavors at transformation since the time Tevis’ tale was first distributed in 1983, with Heath Ledger even marked on to direct and co-star in a movie variation without further ado before his demise in 2008. While it may have taken a very long time to present to The Queen’s Gambit into true to life, it’s richly certain that the stand by was well justified, despite any trouble, as there are components of Beth’s story that solitary feel more applicable and thunderous today, regardless of being set over 50 years before. While the core of the series is clearly Beth’s excursion as a chess wonder, it’s the calmer and more human minutes that will keep watchers enchanted with her story.

The series utilizes its retro setting to quietly address reformist topics looking back and subtlety that must be accomplished today, particularly with regards to components like Beth exploring her sexuality or the outside conditions that can impact enslavement. Simultaneously, the series manages Beth’s notoriety in the chess circuit in a smooth and practically immortal manner, to which any lady in a male-overwhelmed circle will unquestionably identify with it, without inclining toward the advanced features of “#girlboss” women’s liberation. Rather, there’s an investigation – for both Beth and the other female characters in her circle – of how ladies have truly relinquished some portion of themselves to make it in a man’s reality, and how they attempt to recapture their feeling of organization inside that.

Given its conspicuousness in the series, The Queen’s Gambit could be destined by how it speaks to chess itself, particularly since the game has generally been related with such an apathetic, scholarly group. While the series unquestionably recognizes that bougie reasonableness, it offsets that out with the naturally human side of the game in an advantageous manner.The Queen’s Gambit likewise goes to some propelled lengths to outwardly speak to the fervor of chess, regardless of whether through varieties of altering or cinematography, to where watchers can see how the game can be so dazzling.

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