Titans (2018)

Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 45 min


  • Release Date: 12 Oct, 2018
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Language: English


Titans is an American web television series. You may interested in Index of Titans download links with all episodes.

A team of young superheroes combat evil and other perils.

Titans Plot

Following her mom Melissa’s homicide on account of a secretive aggressor, upset high schooler Rachel Roth shows supernatural powers and escapes town. Detroit police analyst Dick Grayson battles wrongdoing around evening time utilizing his vigilante persona, Robin. Rachel is gotten by Detroit police, perceives Dick from her bad dreams, and approaches him for help. When he understands that she was coming clean about her mom, Rachel has been tranquilized and stole. In the mean time, in Vienna, Austria, Kory Anders stirs in a slug ridden auto wreck with no memory of her character.

Dick takes Rachel to Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, covered vigilantes known as Hawk and Dove, with whom Dick battled wrongdoing years sooner. In spite of the fact that Hank and Dawn are in a serious relationship, Rachel detects that Dick and Dawn were recently included, and still have uncertain issues. At the point when an envious Hank battles with Dick, Rachel’s dull self shows to stop it. The Nuclear Family is “enacted” to recover Rachel, and they torment Dick’s new accomplice, Detective Amy Rohrbach, to discover him. Bird of prey and Dove bring down an arms seller with Robin’s severe help.

Kory finds Rachel, and watches the Nuclear Family snatch her. Rachel’s dull self will not support her, yet Kory shows up, burns Nuclear Dad with her forces, and persuades Rachel to leave with her. Rachel and Kory discover their way to a cloister where Melissa had apparently escaped Rachel’s dad when she was a child, and which Kory had visited looking for Rachel a year prior. Dick discovered that his folks’ demise was not a mishap, and being taken in by extremely rich person Bruce Wayne, who offers to show Dick another approach to manage the torment.

You can find Index of Titans full series Download links below or you can watch Titans online as per your preference.

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Trailer: Titans

Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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      • Siri 14 / 04 / 2020 Reply

        Titans Season 1 and 2 has been reuploaded. Thanks for reporting.

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