Unbelievable (2019)

Drama | 60 min


  • Release Date: 13 Sep, 2019
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama
  • Language: English
  • Metascore: 82


Unbelievable is an internet series primarily based on drama. It’s possible you’ll excited by Index of Unbelievable download links with all episodes from season 1.

Based mostly on the true story of Marie, a teen who was charged with mendacity about having been raped, and the 2 feminine detectives who adopted the trail to the reality.

Unbelievable Plot

In Lynnwood, Washington in August 2008, Marie Adler, a former foster youngster now participating in a social companies program for troubled teenagers, is sitting traumatized in her condo whereas her former foster mom Judith consoles her. Marie tells a uniformed police officer that she has been raped and he asks her a number of questions whereas he takes her report. Detectives Parker and Pruitt arrive to research and make her retell her story a number of occasions.

In Washington state in 2008, Detective Parker closes Marie’s case. Somebody leaks Marie’s title to the information media and he or she tries to keep away from the reporters who stake out her condo advanced. In Golden, Colorado in 2011, Detective Karen Duvall responds to the sexual assault of Amber Stevenson and learns that she was raped by a person who had a birthmark on his left calf. In 2008 Washington, Marie has issue concentrating at work.

In Colorado in 2011, Rasmussen determines that the person she surveilled shouldn’t be the rapist for whom she has been looking. Duvall visits Rasmussen to say she has the same case and so they go to Rasmussen’s sufferer, Sarah. After a strained begin, they resolve to work their circumstances collectively.

You can find Index of Unbelievable full series Download links below or you possibly can watch Unbelievable online as per your desire.

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