Warrior Nun (2020)

Action, Drama, Fantasy | 30 min
Warrior Nun


  • Release Date: 02 Jul, 2020
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy
  • Language: English


Warrior Nun is a fantasy drama web television series. You may interested in Index of Warrior Nun download links with all episodes.

Warrior Nun Plot

A young woman awakens in a morgue with unexplainable abilities and becomes embroiled in a battle between good and evil.

The plot of Warrior Nun revolves around a 19-year-old woman who awakens in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artefact embedded in her back.

Warrior Nun Narrative

Ava is a multi year old vagrant and she just kicked the bucket. Since she experienced childhood in the halfway house St Michael, her body is brought to a cleric, when several battling nuns surge in with a withering religious woman. They are the Order of the Cruciform Sword and the withering cloister adherent Shannon is the conveyor of the Sacred Halo. However, presently the Halo must be set in the following in line of the Sister Warriors, Lilith.

They didn’t expect that the Halo rises her from the dead and she escapes. Being deadened for a long time, she presently can walk and move her arms and she is getting a charge out of life just because. She meets a gathering of vagrants, pioneers and among them the attractive JC. Be that as it may, the Order needs her, or better said they need the Halo back. Ava needs to settle on a decision, does she need to carry on with an ordinary life, or does she answer the call. While the Order isn’t sure Ava must be the following Warrior Nun.

In the interim Dr Jillian Salvius is making an entrance to another measurement with Divinium, a heavenly issue got from a blessed relic, which the Sisters use, and which can murder a Warrior Nun. It’s up to Ava to assume responsibility for her life just because and pick her own fate.

You can find Index of Warrior Nun full series Download links below or you can watch Warrior Nun online as per your preference.

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Warrior Nun

Trailer: Warrior Nun

Action, Drama, Fantasy

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        It has really low popularity, Maybe it will be added in future.

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