Westworld (2016)

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western | 60 min


  • Release Date: 02 Oct, 2016
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western
  • Language: English


Westworld is a sci-fi drama television series. You may interested in Index of Westworld download links with all episodes.

In a cutting edge Western-themed event congregation, Westworld, the guests cooperate with machines. Be that as it may, poop hits the fan when the robots start breaking down.

Westworld Plot

A quarter of a year after the Westworld slaughter, Dolores utilizes a bogus personality to draw near to Liam Dempsey Jr., the child of the prime supporter of Incite. Liam is the open substance of the organization and its leader program Rehoboam, a modern man-made consciousness, which Dolores is attempting to access. Liam knows little himself since it was his dad and a man named Serac who fabricated it, yet as he is going to uncover Serac’s name Dolores is taken out by Martin, Liam’s head of security who found Dolores’ double dealing.

Bernard comes back to Westworld and finds the Ashley have is as yet working. With Ashley’s assistance, they discover the Maeve have, yet it is inadequate with regards to its “pearl” and that it is no longer in the recreation center. Bernard utilizes the frameworks there to check that Dolores had not messed with his code, and finds Dolores inquired about a few earlier park visitors including Liam. He reinvents Ashley to help ensure him as they come back to the terrain.

The Charlotte have, attempting to keep up her way of life as a host, discovers that Serac, subtly the most extravagant man on Earth, is endeavoring to take over Delos by means of a mole inside the organization, and that that mole was (human) Charlotte, who had vowed to get him the visitors’ information. Dolores, be that as it may, has now bolted those information behind an encryption key. Caleb helps Dolores escape and himself turns into an objective under the Rico framework.

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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western

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