Iron Man 2 (2010)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi" | 124 min
Iron Man 2


  • Release Date: 07 May, 2010
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi"
  • Language: English


Iron Man 2 is a action adventure sci-fi superhero film based on the Marvel Comics. You may interested in Iron Man 2 full movie download movie links.

Iron Man 2 Plot

Tony Stark is being pressed by a variety of sources, including the government, to share his technology with the rest of the world. He must find a way to combat them while also dealing with his other adversaries.

Six months after Iron Man, Tony Stark defies calls from the US government to hand over the Iron Man technology, which is causing his health to deteriorate.

Iron Man 2 Narrative

The media in Russia is covering Tony Stark’s reveal of his identity as Iron Man. Ivan Vanko, whose father, Anton Vanko, was a former Stark Industries employee, notices this and begins constructing a miniature arc reactor similar to Stark’s. Six months later,[N 2] Stark is a celebrity who uses his Iron Man suit for peaceful purposes while resisting government pressure to sell his designs. To carry on his father Howard’s legacy, he re-establishes the Stark Expo in New York City’s Flushing Meadows–Corona Park.

Later, Stark discovers that the palladium core in the arc reactor that keeps him alive and powers the armor is gradually poisoning him, and he is unable to find a replacement.

Stark competes in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, where he is attacked by Vanko, who is wielding electrified whips, in the middle of the race. Stark dons his armor and defeats Vanko, but the suit suffers significant damage. Vanko explains that he wanted to show the world that Iron Man is not invincible. Impressed by Vanko’s performance, Stark’s rival, Justin Hammer, fakes Vanko’s death while breaking him out of prison and asks him to build a line of armored suits in order to outperform Stark.

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Iron Man 2

Trailer: Iron Man 2

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi"

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