Student of the Year 2 (2019)

Comedy, Drama, Romance | 145 min


  • Release Date: 10 May, 2019
  • Country: India
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Language: Hindi


Student of the Year 2 is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language teen drama movie written by Arshad Sayed and directed by Punit Malhotra. Chances are you’ll Student of the Year 2 full movie Download links.

Student of the Year 2 Plot

The most important franchise of Bollywood returns with Student Of The Year 2 starring the unimaginable Tiger Shroff and introducing Tara and Ananya. Friendship, sportsmanship, love, companionship it is all in for the Scholar Of The Yr.

Shreya falls in love with Rohan. Rohan and his teammates at Pishorilal Chamandas practice arduous to win the 29th Annual Inter-School Dignity Cup, an inter-college competitors. For the previous few years, Pishorilal all the time completed final within the contest. With Rohan’s hardwork and motivation and the group’s effort, Pishorilal Chamandas School defeats Saint Teresa, the defending champions of the Cup, and Rohan wins the Scholar of the Yr.

Rohan Sachdev may be a bourgeoisie student of the Pishorilal Chamandas College in Mussoorie. His relationship with former classmate and childhood sweetheart Mridula Chawla is affected when Mridula transfers to St. Teresa’s highschool , a university in Dehradun for the rich and privileged. Rohan is unable to afford their fees and is left back, but vows to form his cut.

Rohan is introduced to Manav Singh Randhawa, an upscale and affluent student and two-time winner of the scholar of the Year Cup. the 2 become quick friends, but Rohan remains hostile with Manav’s sister Shreya Randhawa, who appears to be a spoilt brat and detests him, often playing pranks on him that cause him trouble. You can find Scholar of the Year 2 full movie Download links below.

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

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