The 355 (2022)

Action, Thriller | 122 min
The 355


  • Release Date: 07 Jan, 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Thriller
  • Language: English


The 355 is a action thriller spy film. You may interested in The 355 full movie download movie links.

The 355 Plot

When a top-secret weapon falls into the hands of mercenaries, a daring CIA agent teams up with three international agents on a perilous mission to recover it while staying one step ahead of a mysterious woman who is tracking their every move.

The plot revolves around a group of international spies who must collaborate to prevent a terrorist organization from launching World War III.

The 355 Narrative

A drug lord presents criminal mastermind Elijah Clarke with a special decryption program drive that can access any digital system on Earth in Bogotá, Colombia. Clarke betrays and murders him just as the authorities raid the mansion. Luis Rojas, a Colombian DNI agent, obtains the device in the midst of the chaos. Mason “Mace” Brown, a CIA operative, is assigned to buy the drive from Rojas.

She travels to Paris with her long-term boyfriend, Nick Fowler, with whom she is also in a relationship. The transaction goes sour when German undercover BND agent Marie Schmidt steals the bag containing the money. Mace pursues Marie, who flees via the subway, while Clarke confronts Nick in an alley.

Mace learns at CIA headquarters that Nick was found dead in an alley. Larry Marks, her boss, gives her permission to retrieve the drive by any means necessary. Mace travels to London to enlist the help of a long-time friend, retired British MI6 operative Khadijah Adiyeme. Rojas arranges for Graciela Rivera, a DNI psychologist with no field experience, to take over the driving.

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The 355

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Action, Thriller

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