The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022)

Action, Drama, Fantasy | 156 min
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild


  • Release Date: 28 Jan, 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Animation
  • Language: English


The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a adventure animated comedy film. You may interested in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild full movie download movie links.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Plot

Buck, Crash, and Eddy fight to keep dinosaurs from overrunning the Lost World.

Buck Wild’s Ice Age Adventures continues the hilarious exploits of everyone’s favorite prehistoric mammals. Crash and Eddie, the thrill-seeking possum brothers, set out to find a place of their own in order to get away from their older sister Ellie.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Narrative

Buck’s Ice Age Adventures are a series of adventures set during the Ice Age. If this is the viewer’s first time seeing the hugely popular franchise, Wild begins with a quick recap of the previous Ice Age films, catching them up on the characters’ backstories and previous adventures. For those who haven’t seen the previous films, it’s a commendable attempt, and the recap is excellent. This is, unfortunately, the best five minutes of the entire movie.

The possums Crash and Eddie leave their original family because they feel suffocated by their sister Ellie’s attention and protection in the spinoff of the original series. They believe it is time for them to live independently and become independent adults. Unfortunately, they believe that adulthood entails a great deal of freedom, exciting adventures, and no responsibilities.

Orson, the evil dinosaur, wants to take over the land with his army, driving out all of the mammals in the area—those that aren’t eaten, that is. Crash and Eddie team up with the weasel Buck (Simon Pegg) and his best friend Zee, approaching the fight as bystanders who are more interested in the adventure and only realize the gravity of the situation at the last minute.

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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Trailer: The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Action, Drama, Fantasy

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