Wonder Woman (2017)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi | 141 min
Wonder Woman


  • Release Date: 02 Jun, 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi
  • Language: English


Wonder Woman is a action adventure fantasy sci-fi superhero film based on the DC Comics. You may interested in Wonder Woman full movie download movie links.

Wonder Woman Plot

Princess Diana of the Amazonian race, an all-female race, saves US pilot Steve. When she learns of a war, she ventures into the world of men to prevent Ares, the god of war, from annihilating humanity.

In Wonder Woman, the Amazon princess Diana sets out to end World War I, believing that the conflict was started by the Amazons’ long-time foe, Ares, after American pilot and spy Steve Trevor crash-lands on their island Themyscira and informs her of it.

Wonder Woman Narrative

When the other gods tried to stop him, Ares killed everyone except Zeus, who used the last of his power to wound Ares and force him to flee. Zeus left the Amazons a weapon, the “god-killer,” before he died to prepare them for Ares’ return. Hippolyta reluctantly agrees to let Diana be trained as a warrior by her sister, General Antiope.

Diana, now a young woman, saves US pilot Captain Steve Trevor when his plane crashes off the coast of Themyscira in 1918. German soldiers, who had been pursuing Steve, quickly invade the island. The Amazons destroy the German landing force at great cost, with Antiope sacrificing herself to save Diana. Steve is interrogated with the Lasso of Hestia and reveals that a great evil exists.

He has stolen a notebook from the Germans’ chief chemist, Dr. Isabel Maru, who is working under General Erich Ludendorff’s orders to develop a more lethal form of mustard gas. Diana, believing Ares is to blame for the war, arm herself with the “god-killer” sword, lasso, and armor before leaving Themyscira with Steve to find and stop Ares for good.

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Wonder Woman

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Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

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