Zeros and Ones (2021)

Thriller | 85 min
Zeros and Ones


  • Release Date: 19 Nov, 2021
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Thriller
  • Language: English


Zeros and Ones is a 2021 thriller film. You may interested in Index of Zeros and Ones full movie download movie links.

Zeros and Ones Plot

JJ is a soldier tasked with thwarting an impending terrorist attack on the Vatican. While in Rome, he is also looking for his anarchist brother, a political prisoner who may or may not be dead. In addition, there is a clear race against time and a slew of opponents.

When a soldier is summoned to Rome to prevent a terrorist bombing, he anxiously seeks word of his imprisoned brother, a rebel with information that could halt the plot. He speeds through the capital’s shadowy streets, avoiding a series of unsettling encounters in order to save the Vatican from being blown up.

Zeros and Ones Narrative

At first look, the plot of Zeros and Ones appears to be a complex web of political intrigue, societal tension, and impending violence. There are numerous moving components in the story, and certain puzzle pieces are simpler to fit together than others. Still, bringing the big image into focus as the viewer feels more like a fun endeavor than an unpleasant duty. Set in contemporary Rome, the possibility of a terrorist attack on the Vatican looms.

JJ Jericho is an American operative stationed in the area, exercising the same caution against the airborne microscopic opponent of COVID-19 as he does against the more evident physical threats closing in. On the other hand, Hawke also portrays JJ’s brother, Justin Jericho, in the film. Justin is an activist and revolutionary who is reviled by the American government and designated as a public enemy.

Hawke’s performances in these twin roles are noticeably different from one another. JJ is a tired and weary character who carries a strong sense of melancholy with him. Justin, on the other hand, is tense and brimming with anxious energy, appearing to be on the point of a nervous breakdown. The dichotomy we observe here can also be found in other parts of the film. The underbelly of the political and social machines at work in Zeros and Ones is rife with grit and muck.

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Zeros and Ones

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